What we’re about is getting you the best product possible. If you’re here you may have already downloaded our FREE 5 Min Audio Track, if you haven’t yet that’s ok, you can do so by simply clicking here. We’re going to assume right now though that you have and loved it and want more!

That’s great because we have an amazing offer for you. One album with 5 categories, and 10 songs total!

The 5 Categories You’ll Get in on this Awesome Album is:

  • Harness Your Center and Focus, perfect to get that sharp focus at the start and through out the day.
  • Breath and Deep and Relax, these tracks are geared to releasing Stress brought on by daily tasks.
  • Open Your Eyes and Feel the Energy, this is just what you need for enhanced creativity and inspiration.
  • Awaken the Power That is You, ideal to get that extra rump to tackle the day.
  • Close Your Eyes and Get Balanced, perfect for resting and getting a grasp on what happened through the course of the day.

Each song averages around 30 minutes. And with 2 songs per category that adds up to 5 hours!

5 Hours of Relax Full, Soul Tapping, Meditative Music!

But Lets not forget the added bonus you get embedded within each track. Feel good, affirmations…. That’s right within each track you get positive messages right along with the music. So while you sit and meditate, these messages can get deep down in your core making you feel more relaxed, focused, and full of energy.

Any 1 Tracks

 $30 $19.99

Each Track is 30 minutes in length!
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Any 3 Tracks

 $79 $49.00

Thats about 1 1/2 hours of music!
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All 10 Tracks

$149 $99.00

Thats about 5 hours of music!

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